Poetry Society of Virginia Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Jeff Hewitt

Bio: Jeff Hewitt is a co-founder of the Norfolk performance poetry scene, an interdisciplinary artist, actor, musician, and an award winning photographer. He has been an active participant on nearly every poetry stage throughout the 757 for two decades, and competed in poetry slams on a national level for ten years — retiring after the 2006 Southern Fried Poetry Festival. He is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of San Francisco Bay Press, which has been publishing poetry and prose since 2006. He has written and published three complete collections of poetry alongside roughly 20 chapbooks over the past twenty-five years. He owns and operates the Norfolk Antonym, a photo-journal outlet which covers the city's music and arts culture. In his spare time he teaches an after-school photography class for under-served youth grades K-6.

President Pro Tempore
Derek Kannemeyer

Southeast Regional Co-VPs
Michael Khandelwal
Kindra McDonald

Northern Regional VP
Mike Maggio

Central Regional VP
Michelle Dodd

Eastern Regional VP
Terry Cox-Joseph

Western Region
Pedro Larrea

Talya Chatman

Executive Directors

Robert P Arthur

Henry Hart

Luisa Igloria

Ann Shalaski

Sofia Starnes


Dr. Melissa Johnson

Annual Contests Chair / Poetry Virginia Editor
Tom Williams

Book Award Chair
Sofia Starnes

Development Chair
Daniel Pearlman

Calendar Coordinator
Sally Zakariya

Finance Committee Chair

Festival Chair
Terry Cox-Joseph

Institutional Outreach Chair
Jose Roman

Membership & Elections Chair
Charles Wilson

Newsletter Editor
Janice Hoffman

Out-of-State Coordinator
Linda Nottingham


Poet Laureate Nominations Chair

Poetry in the Schools
Cathy Hailey

Recording Secretary
Tasia Weysweet Linton

Saturday Series Contact
Bill Glose

Social Media Coordinator and Communications Chair
David Anthony Sam

Matthew Overstreet

Literary Advisory Board

Jorge Mendez

Ron Smith

Ken Sutton

Carlton West

Eddie Dowe

Pia Borsheim