2022 Poetry Society of Virginia Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!!!


Adult Contest 2022

Rules and Categories




Poets may submit to multiple categories,  but only ONE poem per category

  • All entries must be in English, typed, unpublished, original, and not scheduled for publication before May, 2021.

  • All poems are presented anonymously to the judges.

  • Create an account in Submittable. Search for Poetry Society of Virginia or use the “submit” button on our web page (SEE BUTTON BELOW). Following the directions in the online field, submit one copy of each poem with no identifying information, but type the category in the upper right-hand-side, along with a notation as to whether you are a member of PSV (does not matter if you are a lifetime member or just joined for the contest). You may enter in as many categories as you wish.

  • Members of PSV do not pay an entry fee. Non-members pay $6 per poem, payable online.

  • You may join PSV for $35 at the same time you enter the contest if you prefer.

  • All entries not in compliance with category specifications will be disqualified.

  • Winning poems may be read and honored on Zoom or in person at our annual award ceremony in spring, 2022 (depending upon Covid conditions and state law at the time).

    1st and 2nd place poems will be published on the PSV website and annual journal. All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning poems/poets will receive a certificate and cash prize, according to amounts specific to their categories. Your entry implies acceptance of publication unless otherwise communicated.



1. EDGAR ALLAN POE MEMORIAL - Any form. No line limit. Award: $100. Sponsored by Poetry Society of Virginia.  


2. SARAH LOCKWOOD MEMORIAL - Sonnet in rhyme and meter. Any subject.  Awards: $100, $75, $50.


3. BESS GRESHAM MEMORIAL - Any form. Subject: friends and friendship. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20.


4. CARLETON DREWRY MEMORIAL - Any form. Subject: farm life or working the earth. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. 


5. BRODIE HERNDON MEMORIAL - Any form. Subject: heroism. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20.  


6. NANCY BYRD TURNER MEMORIAL - Sonnet or other traditional form. State the form. Any subject. Awards: $50, $30, $20.


7. CENIE H. MOON PRIZE - Any form. Subject: a woman or women.  48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20.


8. JUDAH, SARAH, GRACE, AND TOM MEMORIAL - Any form. Subject: encouraging reflection on inter-ethnic relations. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Endowed and sponsored by Linda Nottingham.


9. ADA SANDERSON MEMORIAL -  Any form. Subject: Nature.  48 line limit.  Award: $100.


10. CHARLOTTE WISE MEMORIAL - Any form.  Any Subject. 64 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by Poetry Society of Virginia.


11. THE ROBERT S. SERGEANT MEMORIAL - Any form. Subject: Birds. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20.


12. THE ANNE SPENCER MEMORIAL - Any form. Subject: Overcoming adversity. 64 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. 

13. HANDY ANDY PRIZE - Limerick. Any Subject. Awards: $25, $15, $10 Sponsored by Ed Lull in memory James McNally.


14. ALFRED C GARY MEMORIAL -Sponsored by Claudia Gary. Iambic pentameter. Subject: A historic event that occurred between 1925 and 1992. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20.   


15. LAURA DAY BOGGS BOLLING MEMORIAL - Children, Alma, Flora, and Glade of Laura Day Boggs Bolling. Any rhymed or unrhymed form. Poem written by adult for older school-age children, ages 10-12 years. 20 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20.


16. JOE PENDLETON CAMPBELL MEMORIAL - Narrative poem. Any form. Any subject. 64 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by Paula Savoy.


17. DR. LUCILLE E. THOMPSON MEMORIAL AWARD. - Any form. Subject: celebrating technology. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by Dr. Kathleen Decker.


18. ELIZABETH J. URQUHART MEMORIAL - A sense of Place Urquhart Memorial. Places— manmade, natural, personal, or historical— inform poetry with the power to evoke the past and transcend the present. Any form. Any subject. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by the Williamsburg Poetry Guild.


19. THE JOANNE SCOTT KENNEDY MEMORIAL - New Voices. Open only to poets who have never  received a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize in any PSV  contest. Any form. Any subject. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by the  Williamsburg Poetry Guild.


20. HONORING FATHERHOOD AWARD - Any form. Subject: honoring Fathers and/or their sacrifices. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by Bill and Michelle O'Hearn in memory of Theodore Tomala, Jr. 


21. EKPHRASTIC POETRY AWARD - Subject:  A poem based on a work of art other than poetry. (Either send a copy of the work or include a link to it.) Any form. 48 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by Terry Cox-Joseph.


22. EMMA GRAY TRIGG MEMORIAL - Lyric poem. Any subject. 64 line limit. PSV members only.  Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by the Poetry Society of Virginia.


23. KARMA DEANE OGDEN MEMORIAL - Any form. Any subject. 48 line limit. PSV members only. Awards: $50, $30, $20.Sponsored by the Poetry Society of Virginia.


24. LORETTA DUNN HALL MEMORIAL - Any form. Subject: family. 24 line limit. Sponsored by PSV.  




25. UNDERGRADUATE POETRY AWARD - Any form. Any subject such as loss, overcoming a significant setback, or a strong feeling. 36 line limit. Awards: $50, $30, $20. Sponsored by the Poetry Society of Virginia.