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As the official statewide poetry organization for the state of Virginia, we host and support readings, conferences, festivals, literary competitions and other literary activities with our valued partners. 


We welcome you to join PSV’s mission to encourage excellent writing and inspire a greater appreciation of poetry.

What we do

Historically, PSV vets and shortlists poets to recommend to Virginia's governor for Virginia Poet Laureate. PSV's vital role in this process was approved and passed by the Virginia General Assembly and is included in Virginia state code


As a community, PSV members across the state enjoy gathering:

  • to honor and celebrate winners of our Annual Contests

  • for featured poet readings and workshops

  • at PSV's annual May literary festival 

  • for an annual PSV tradition: a holiday reading in Williamsburg, Virginia

  • to connect through a wide array of poetry events and programs

How we do it

We're organized into 7 regions with an elected Vice President leading programming and activities for each region. Virtual and in-person regional programs connect audiences with living poets sharing original poetry.

Discover opportunities to help us build a responsive, thriving 21st century poetry organization. After you join, just raise your hand to volunteer!

Why Join Poetry Society of Virginia?

LEADERSHIP & MENTORING - Leadership and mentoring play pivotal roles in the success and sustainability of PSV. For members who answer the call to lead, there are other benefits, as well: personal growth, enhanced communication skills, increased confidence, networking, influence and impact. In PSV, most leadership roles allow you to be both a mentor and mentee. As you help foster a sense of purpose and belonging across the organization, you have an opportunity to stay motivated by the people you serve.

ADVOCACY - Advocating for poetry and the interests of poets and writers can bring both you and PSV: --increased visibility --more impactful partnerships --cultural enrichment --potential funding support --community engagement --a chance to educate the public and policy makers about the impact of poetry. As an advocate in our organization, you are helping to preserve the state's literary heritage, promoting freedom of expression, amplifying underrespresented voices, and influencing the world view of Virginia as an epicenter of poetry.

RELATIONSHIPS - Membership in PSV fosters connection and creates a path for you to build both personal and professional relationships. The one thing that everyone here has in common is a passion for poetry ... and membership gives you a chance to build endless possibilities on that. Because so many of our intiatives, including anthologies, events, community initiatives, or educational programs, require collaboration, you get to form bonds with those who share your creative goals.

MOTIVATION TO KEEP WRITING - The sense of community and support you will find here keeps you in the presence of like-minded people who appreciate and understand the challenges and joys of writing. Membership can also keep you accountable for your writing goals, submission deadlines and projects, plus consistently engaged your craft. You'll always find encouragement, feedback, recognition and camaraderie among fellow poets who keep you connected to your craft. Peers are a wellspring of inspiration!

CONTINUOUS LEARNING - Many poets believe they are as good as their last book ... or last poem. But poetry is such a dynamic pursuit that it keeps you learning and growing. PSV offers no shortage of opportunities to keep expanding your knowledge. Through workshops, guest poet visits, conferences, and publications, members are exposed to a wealth of diverse voices and perspectives. Critique and feedback sessions during workshops focus on learning that is centered specifically on you. Continuous learning is inevitable here.

RESOURCES - Being in existence for more than 100 years has extended PSV's reach for literary resources. We partner with other literary organizations, libraries, schools, community groups, venues, funders, arts agencies, and generous donors to ensure members can deepen their engagement in the world of poetry.

REGIONAL ACTIVITIES - PSV has 7 regional networks that allow poets to participate in literary activities closer to where they live. For many members, regional events are an opportunity to host events, be featured as artists in their own neighborhoods, and rise as regional voices. PSV members are also connected to their respective regional Vice Presidents, who can bring their concerns or announce their achievements at meetings of the Executive Committee or Board of Directors. Regional work can receive the attention of our statewide network.

MEMBER-ONLY EVENTS - As a member, you not only get advanced notice of PSV events and opportunities, but also you'll receive exclusive content and resources. Our member-only newsletter, for example, is not shared with poets and readers who are not current members of PSV. At member-only events, poets also can interact with literary leaders and experts in intimate settings to engage in discussions, ask questions, and learn from those who have made significant contributions to the literary world. Some of our member-only events are celebratory gatherings for milestones, awards, or achievements where members celebrate their own accomplishments or those of their peers.

DISCOUNTS - PSV membership comes with the advantage of various discounts. In addition to discounted registration for events like our annual literary festival, PSV members can enter annual contests for no fee in as many categories as they qualify to enter. Additionally, discounts extended to PSV because of our partnerships or collaborations with other organizations, bookstores, or businesses in the literary and arts community are extended to members.

MAKE HISTORY - The poetry of any state is part of the state's cultural identity. Member poems capture the essence of Virginia, its landscapes, traditions, and the diverse communities that call it home. As a poet living in, writing about, or supporting the state of Virginia literary community, you are creating a record of this state's cultural heritage. Additionally, the work of PSV members chronicles contemporary issues and challenges faced by people who live here and all over the world. As a PSV member, you contribute to an ongoing dialogue about the social, political, and environmental concerns that shape the state's history and identity. Future generations of poets and writers are watching, witnessing examples of regional voices and narratives that they can draw from and build on.

Membership Levels

PSV dues are paid annually in one-, two-, or three-year increments. For yearly memberships, the more time you pay for at once, the more you save!

When purchasing a membership, please include your PSV Region on the application form.

Standard Membership

  • Member discounts

  • Member-only newsletter

  • No entry fee for PSV Annual Contests

  • Reduced fee for PSV's Annual Festival

  • Advance notice for events and publishing opportunities

  • Connection to a regional hub led by a PSV Vice President


1-Year Membership


(Reg. $80)

2-year Membership


(Reg. $120)

3-Year Membership

Special Memberships


Student Membership

  • Discounted membership

  • PSV resources to assist with learning about poetry

  • Connection to PSV youth initiatives (student contests, Young Poets in the Community, Poets in the Schools)

  • Invitation to PSV events
  • PSV member newsletter


Classroom Membership

  • Discounted membership

  • PSV resources to assist with learning about poetry

  • Connection to PSV youth initiatives (student contests, Young Poets in the Community, Poets in the Schools)

  • Member-only newsletter

  • Notifications about free PSV events

  • Reduced fee for Annual Festival

  • Connection to PSV poets for student-poetry interaction


Lifetime Membership

  • All benefits of standard membership

  • No membership fees for the rest of your life

  • Acknowledgement at PSV events, in publications and on a dedicated page of the PSV website

  • Tokens of appreciation

  • When feasible, an annual gathering hosted by the President

Pay By Check

To pay by check click below, complete the membership form online, and mail check or money order to:

Poetry Society of Virginia

P. O. Box 36128

Chesterfield, VA 23235

Make checks payable to: Poetry Society of Virginia

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