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Garcia, Regina

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The Firetalker's Daughter by Regina Garcia

The Firetalker’s Daughter taps into the power of fire—physically or metaphorically. Regina YC Garcia’s poems honors the power of a mother’s love, the value of ancestral wisdom, the necessity of mourning, and the audacity to hope and act for a more just future. Spun along a motif of fire, these poems carry searing incantations that evoke an awareness of the relevance of the literal, figurative, and spiritual fires that breathe down lines and throughout time.

Gardner, Adele

Halloween Hearts by Adele Gardner

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Halloween Hearts is a celebration of all things Halloween, even if they don't take place on October 31…haunted houses, trick-or-treaters, vampires, demonic foxes, witches and their familiars, revenants both longed for and uninvited all have their place in these pages.

They explore Edgar Allan Poe’s sensitivity to loss and melancholia, horror and terror. And they open the book celebrating Ray Bradbury’s enthusiastic embrace of dark aspects of Americana and his refusal to allow death to be the final word in our relationship with our loved ones.

Gotthardt, Katherine Mercurio

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We All Might Be Witches by Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt

Inspired by Gotthardt's adult son who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities, We All Might Be Witches is an illustrated collection of micropoems featuring vivid imagery, thought provoking line breaks and word economy celebrating the mysteries and mysticism of the natural and human worlds.

Gotthardt donates 100% of the book’s proceeds to Gainesville-Haymarket Rotary Club’s nonprofit foundation to support volunteer and giving programs at PACE West, a Prince William County, Virginia, special education program that her son attended in middle and high school.

Hailey, Cathy

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I'd Rather Be a Hyacinth by Cathy Hailey

I’d Rather Be a Hyacinth features ekphrastic poems inspired by an episodic performance of the Moscow Festival Ballet. Cathy Hailey creates poems of refuge from grief and the comfort and healing found in nature, memory, and family. The poems witness and re-animate the lives of all creatures in nature. Using the haiku sonnet, a hybrid form combining eastern and western poetic styles, this collections offers a look at the biosphere, artistic life as performed on stage in the ballet, spiritual life, and hope that illuminating the interconnectedness of all can bring about a renewed consciousness.

Haines, Mary Mallek

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Who Are You From Home? by Mary Mallek Haines

In Who Are You From Home?, Mary Haines gives us poems about her Polish ancestors putting down roots in America. The narrative in these pages lives inside a tension of letting go of family roots in a land far away from the present and embracing other family roots still being formed in the present. 

Holzer, Ruth

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Poetry Collections by Ruth Holzer

Ruth Holzer uses both lyric and narrative forms to explore family life and relationships in her work. An accomplished writer of haiku and haibun, she is committed to the haibun form, and over the past decades, has been published in many prominent haikai journals and anthologies.

Hubbard, Wayne David

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Death Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe by Wayne David Hubbard

This poetry collection illustrates journeys through physical space and abstract worlds of emotion. Combining choreological precision with playfulness, readers enter the mind’s eye of a poet standing along the shoreline of powerful forces that shape all lives: time, place, and love. This spare book offers strong, memorable imagery and questions that will delight thoughtful readers.

Isaac, Donna

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Poetry Collections by Donna Isaac

Donna Issac sprinkles the details of everyday life into her poems. Her work covers shares artifacts from her upbringing in the south, Appalachian music and culture, the influences of a Catholic mother and formative landscapes. Readers get vivid language about things like Pinesol and tile, de-tasseling corn, slopping hogs, canning tomatoes, and more. In her collection Persistence of Vision she gives homage to Charlie Chaplin and honors her love for movies as well as the stories behind movies.

Nahal, Anita

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Poetry Collections by Anita Nahal

Anita Nahal’s work challenges all stereotypes of womanhood and champions the causes of marginalized people: women, men, transgender, children, people living with disabilities, survivors of violence and others. The passion of her voice in the sharp vignettes of poetry gathers those harshly cast aside and urges them to rise with confidence in a collective march for justice. Her prose poems have been called “acutely observant, reflective and piquant … unabashed about the conflicting emotions of  “belonging” and “unbelonging.”

Silverstein, Clara


Secrets in a House Divided, a novel by Clara Silverstein

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Told in historically rich, poetic detail, this novel, set in Richmond in the final year of the Civil War, tells the story of two women who face increasingly fraught risks and consequences in their lives on the home front. Each one endures unimaginable hardships, fighting to protect what she holds most dear. The war drives the complicated bonds between husbands and wives, parents and children, masters and enslaved people, to a flash point. As Richmond veers towards its inexorable fall to the Union army, the novel exposes the forces behind the upheaval whose echoes continue today.

Wilbur, Frederick

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Poetry Collections by Frederick Wilbur

Frederick Wilbur’s collections explores universal themes derived from rural living, family dynamics, and the dignity of work and using hand tools for woodcarving. He relies on imagery derived from the natural landscape and country life to explore human relationships. His poems, written mostly in free verse and sonnets, often have a twinge of social commentary while acknowledging contemporary issues.

Woodcock, Diana

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BookCover_HeavenUnderFoot_Diane Woodcock.jpg

Poetry Collections by Diana Woodcock

Whether you are diving into Diana Woodcock's ecopoetry or following her exploration of Christina Georgina Rossetti's mandate to "Tread softly! All the earth is holy ground," her work calls on everyone to revere the natural world as a way of showing reverence for God.  

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