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Judges have selected our 2024 Student Contest winners!


View a list of Student Contest Winners

Grade Level Contests

S-1 - Grades 3-4

S-2 - Grades 5-6

S-3 - Grades 7-8

S-4 - Grades 9-10

S-5 - Grades 11-12

2024 Winners

S1 Judge Elizabeth Spragins

1st Place            Gannon Inman “A Wave in a Seashell”

2nd Place           Vivienne Solanki “Pigs Are Puppies”

3rd Place           Flynn Mallory “Breaking Glass”

HM                     Violet Gallagher “Snow Bushes”

S2 Judge Gail Giewont

1st Place            Jacqueline Branch “The Last Wedding Candle”

2nd Place          Charlie Record “A New Cat Learns”

3rd Place           Molly Hynes “Clear Pebbles of Rain”

HM                     Enilea Burns “Holding Our Heads up High”

S3 Judge Marsha Owens

1st Place            Octavia Aurora “Her Place”

2nd Place           Carter Wilson “A Lonely Life”

3rd Place            Lily Coleman “Drive”

HM                      Alice Kutch “The Beach”

S4 Brian Donnell James

1st Place            Ori Taylor “Someday Sermons”

2nd Place           Ariana Blake “Sleeping Beauties”

3rd Place            Rafiullah Ihsas “From Struggle to Triumph: A Migrant's Odyssey”

HM                      Victor Huang “Things That Happen During a Family Fight”

S5 Judge Grace Cavalieri

1st Place            Hannah Rouse “an hour into the Miss Americana documentary”

2nd Place          Vivian Huang “airborne hope”

3rd Place           Fairouz Bsharat “Mere moments before Eid, colonizers hunt for homes in Jerusalem”

HM                     Pepper Maranto “Luna Moth”

The Jenkins Prize

Sponsored by Amber, Alyssa, and Annika Jenkins

For grades 9-10 only.

S6 Judge John Berry

1st Place            Emily Tong “little gingerbread girl, serving tea for the half-husband”

2nd Place           Isabella Lyons “In the Blue Willow Tea Room”

3rd Place            Chelsea Zhu “Nature’s Overture”

HM                      Haneul Joung “My Candid Poem”

The Poetry Society Prize

Exclusively for Virginia students in grades 6-8.

S7 Judge Susan Corbett

1st Place            Ojasvi Ramani “Final Shot”

The Virginia Student Prize

Exclusively for students in grades 9-12

S8 Judge Rich Follett

1st Place           Yahney-Marie Sangaré “first poem in form of parting”

2nd Place          Fairouz Bsharat “The death of a Star The birth of a Supernova”

3rd Place           Hannah Rouse “to the person I’ll live with one day”

HM                     Colton DeHaven “It’s eternity in there”

Spoken Word Prize

S9 Judge Michelle Garcia

1st Place           Ariana Blake “standing on top of a mountain and looking down”

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