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In Memoriam: Honoring Our Beloved Member Poets

In the quiet spaces between stanzas, where words find their rhythm, poets have a unique gift for capturing the essence of our shared human experience.


Within the PSV community, we've been fortunate to call some of these gifted souls our own. They were our mentors. Friends sharing laughter, tears, and countless conversations about the power of language. The voices in our meetings. Passionate advocates for the written word. And the steady pillars of our poetry society. 

In this space, we remember and honor member poets who have passed away as a way of reflecting on the profound impact they've had on our lives and the world of poetry at-large. Their words continue to resonate, inspire us all, and forge connections that transcend the boundaries of life and death.

We remember not only their words but also their ever presence within our poetry community.

Donate buttons appear based on family requests expressed during memorialization.

To let us know about member poets we've not yet included on this page or to offer corrections, please email:


Mary Crockett Hill

1969 - 2023

Henry "Pete" Freas

1942 - 2023
Henry Freas.jpg

Patsy Anne Bickerstaff

Former PSV President
1940 - 2023
1944 - 2022

Farin Mirvahabi


Christian Pascale

1949 - 2022

Margaret Ward Morland

1923 - 2022
Former Virginia Poet Laureate

Ann Marie Boyden

1939 - 2021

Robert L. "Bob" Kelly

1934 - 2021

Stuart C. Nottingham, M.D.

1931 - 2020

Jeff Hewitt

1973 - 2020
Former PSV President

Dr. James Joseph McNally, Jr.

Former PSV President
1924 - 2020

Nancy Powell

Former PSV President
(?) - 2019
Nancy Powell_edited.png
1992 - 2018

Alexandra "Zan" Delaine Hailey


Dr. Helen Eano

(?) - 2016

Joanne Scott Kennedy

1929 - 2016
Joanne Scott Kennedy2_edited.jpg

Shann Palmer

(?) - 2014

Norma Richardson

1933 - 2011
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