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Keynote Poets
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Festival Schedule

DEADLINE—IMPORTANT: Blocks of rooms have been reserved at: 

1) The Berkeley Hotel, 1200 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219,  Click on the white oval at the top of their webpage that says, “Book Now.” To the right of the room photos and rates, click “book now” and then click on the small, gray lettering that says, “Have a group code?” Type in Poetry Society of Virginia, and choose a single rate room. You can call but it is much faster to use the website.  (804) 780-1300, $169 single rate. The Berkeley room prices will be held until April 20. After that, there is no price guarantee.


2) Linden Row Inn, 1200 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219,  Click on “reservations” on the left side, click “Reservations with Access Code,” fill in your name, etc. and in “Access Code” type PSVA2023. $169/179 per night, single rate depending upon location. They request you book online rather than call.


The Linden Row reservations will expire as per our contracts: The above room specifications will be held until April 15, 2023​​​ as long as 30% of the total number of room nights has been picked up by April 15, 2023​​​.  If 30% of the total number of room nights has not been picked up by April 15, 2023 ​​​then all rooms will be released on this date. Any reservations made after the release date will be subject to room and rate availability.


You do not have to book just these hotels. You are free to stay at any hotel. We chose these hotels for their locations, prices, and safety.




Centennial Festival Registration can be made via our website.  If you are unable to register ahead of time, walk-ins are welcome.  


Per the Richmond Public Library rules, payments are not permitted at the library.  Although there is no fee for the Festival, please consider using the PSV PayPal button to donate to help support the ongoing work of The Poetry Society of Virginia.


Information on the Centennial Festival can be found on our Facebook page, Twitter, and here at

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